What it means to live in .CA

Why a .CA domain is better for Canadians?

Search Engine Preference

Canadian versions of Search Engines give preference (and a ranking Bonus) to .CA sites when users are searching for local Canadian sites. If you're trying to attract Canadians identify yourself as a Canadian and use a .CA domain name. Behind every .CA domain name is a Canadian.

Canadians Internet identity

A domain name is key to identifying you or your corporate identity in today's marketplace, and to be immediately identified as a Canadian to Internet users throughout Canada and across the globe you need a .CA domain name!
.CA domain names are exclusively reserved only for Canadians and their organizations. Internet users know that there is a Canadian behind every .CA and all around the globe Canadians are trusted.


Canadians trust Canadians online - over 75% say they prefer to shop on a .CA website.
For every $100 spent by adult Canadians online in 2005, $63 was spent with Canadian vendors. (References:Statistics Canada, 2005 Canadian Internet Use Survey, Statistics Canada, 2005 E-commerce: Shopping on the Internet Survey, Statistics Canada, 2007 E-commerce: Shopping on the Internet Survey, Strategic Counsel 2008 Canadian Internet Users' Attitudes Toward and Perceptions of The .CA Domain Survey)


Only approx 1.6 million .CA domain names are already taken - compared to 70 million dot-com names. That means you can get the short, easy-to-remember name you really want and register a domain name that accurately reflects you or your business.


The .CA registry is managed by CIRA as a public service, on behalf of all Canadians.
.CA was created over 20 years ago (the seventh in the world!).


There's no better way to connect with people, build your brand, reach markets and service customers-in Canada and around the world-than with a .CA domain.
The best Domain Registrar in Canada is TigerDomains.ca and is it any wonder that TigerDomains.ca exclusively offers .ca domain names!

Contacting TigerDomains

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